Title: Talk Derbi To Me
Artist: marcelovieira
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(to the tune of Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty)

We’re the club ppl fear most, international
But now you first in La Liga, riding comfortable

And I know you beat all the teams
From us to Chelsea
With a fraction of our cashflow
(An underdog classic)

But been around your block don’t like your Costa
Cheap big attitude you got from Costco
And the Copa del Rey you cost us
So now
Talk derbi to me

Talk derbi to me
Talk derbi to me
Talk derbi to me
Get crazy for it

You knocked out Barca’s midfield
Destroyed Mourinho
All things that I’d thank you for
but…I’d rather suck [ ;-D]

And you know we be thirsty
for Champions League
9 trophies gettin rusty
(I think we need a new one)

PL fans tryna say their league is the top
Bundesliga’s “golden era” just flopped
Our two horse race? We just swapped a horse out
So now
Talk derbi to me
Talk derbi to me
Talk derbi to me
Talk derbi to me

Zero, your CL trophies
Uno, your La Liga ranking
but Dos, we going for the treble
Quatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, la DECIMAAAA

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Hae Song, I’m making this the soundtrack to my weekend omg.

Title: Kiss the Ass of Real Madrid
Artist: marcelovieira
Played: 3811 times

To the tune of Colors of the Wind

You think we’re inferior losers
And since everybody ~~~~loves you
I guess it must be so
But still I’m kinda lost
How the shitter side is us?
How can there be so much that you don’t know?
You don’t know……….

You think you’ll win whatever game you play in
And the pitch is just a dry thing you can blame
And the man you’re so fond of calling “faggot”
Is Cristiano Ronaldo - he has a name (no seriously. stop.)

You think the only football that is football
Is the football that y’all know how to play
But if you stop fapping about possession
You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew

Where does Leo disappear to in all your big games?
And how long can your one obsession hold?
It’s time you got over the fucking 5-0 clasico
The most recent one you lost to Real Madrid….
And the one before that you lost…to Real Madrid…

Go pass the ball in midfield for 10 hours
Go revel in all your Ballon D’ors
Dive and roll in all the pitches all around you
And then go bitch to the referees some more 

So you say you’re the best team in La Liga
Well go check our Bernabeu…we’ve won it more ^^
And now we’ll go and buy some more midfielders
With all dis money, our cashflow never ends

“Waaaaaaah all our players are home grown!!!”
Bitch, you on some local organic farm growing heirloom tomatoes level shit
We. don’t. care.

And did you know amazing teams exist outside of Spain?
For whether we are Barca or Madrid
We’re getting fucked real hard by teams from Bundesliga
And now we both dun goofed with Champions League

You can laugh at us but still..
Doesn’t change you lost 4-0 :)
So you can kiss the lovely ass* of Real Madrid

* Ass made available courtesy of Real Madrid’s resident “Ass That Just Won’t Quit” Gonzalo Higuain

** If you take this song seriously and feel offended, please write your complaint down on a piece of paper, fold it up nicely, and shove it up your ass

Fact: the only thing as delicious as defeating Barcelona is defeating United.

It is known.

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Real Madrid warming up in the pool before their Liga match up with Levante.

Fabio’s like a hero in an action movie.

This whole Modric/RM saga makes me think of an over-eager child in the playground holding up his hand and shouting “PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!” while the coach quietly mulls over his options.

Separately in the same playground, RVP is still looking for all the toys he threw out of his gilded pram.

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Our last goals in la Liga 2011/2012

Cristiano 18’ Benzema 22’ Mesut 49’ 57’

Like a boss.

Oh, Cesc. Keep clinging to your self-worth!