get to know me meme [2/10] celebrity crushes

↳ Chris Evans

"It started to feel like maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do. Maybe, this is actually what you should push yourself into." 


if u go through my phones call log all you see is my mothers number over and over



The thing about Pacific Rim for me, though

after Mako Mori and the glorious colour palette and that delightful uplifting score

is the unflinching optimism of it all

the idea that my generation, and the next, and the one after would look giant monsters in the eye and face the end of our world as we know it and respond with “you know what? giant robots

and that the world would come together to face the monsters at the door

that the film holds no human villains

that the heroes aren’t just pretty white American boys, but also an unflinching black London marshal, and three fierce Chinese brothers and a tiny Japanese woman with a heart of folded steel

I don’t know, man, having grown up with dystopian films about the world turning to shit and it all being the fault of humanity (and don’t get me wrong, I love some of those movies, but wow, they wear you down) having a stubbornly optimistic film about stubborn, brave heroines and heroes really does something to really raise me up.

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St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI. 02/04/14